I wasn’t born with a cell phone in my hand, but I have learnt to use technology to grow my business!

About Tracy Gold, The Midlife Tech Geek


I have been an entrepreneur since 2003. I am the founder Midlife Tech Geek, Tracy Gold Fashion Tips , the host of Tracy Gold Show and the designer of  TGNY. Having run my own businesses there have been many times when I’ve needed to pivot, redirect, make changes and grow.  At every stage, I needed to learn new technology to take my business in the right direction.  

I discovered that I love finding new ways to use technology to grow my business and that I’m actually a tech geek at heart.  

I have learned how to design websites, create online stores & online courses, shoot & edit photographs, shoot & direct videos, edit videos, optimize social media platforms such as YouTube, create newsletters, automations and more….

Learning to make technology work for me has meant has enabled me to expand my business internationally and live in New York City. 

Highlights in my business include obtaining a distribution deal that placed Tracy Gold Show on over 100 streaming platforms on 1.4 Billion Smart TVs worldwide, seeing my YouTube Channel grow from 600 – 20 000 subscribers with over 2 million views in less than 2 years and being hand-picked by Katy Perry to present her shoe collection on QVC.

I started Midlife Tech Geek to share what I have learnt and help others to start or grow their businesses online… minus all the fear and frustration.


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